Massachusetts Baystaters Club Bylaws

PREFACE: The Club was organized circa 1990

Any person residing in The Villages who ever lived in the State of Massachusetts and now owns or rents in The Villages is eligible for membership in the Massachusetts Baystaters Club. Those wishing to be Club members will complete a Club application form, provide proof of Villages residency, pay the required annual dues and purchase a magnetic Club Badge (or pin Badge for those with pacemakers).

The purpose of the Club is to provide and foster social opportunities among former and current Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida. To present a social environment that shall be non-partisan and non-political, there shall be no monetary contributions of any kind to any political person(s) or organizations.

Any and all funds will be maintained in an account in the name of The Massachusetts Baystaters Club. The account will be maintained at Citizens First Bank.
Checks will require one of the 2 signatures on the account.
A monthly accounting of funds will be provided to the Executive Board, to members upon request and will be available to all members on the Club website: www.thevillagesbaystatersclub within two (2) weeks of the past month's meeting.

Membership in the Massachusetts Baystaters Club will require annual dues of five ($5) per person to be classified as a member in good standing. The Club year will be September to April. All new members will purchase permanent, magnetic, name badges for six ($6). Pin type badges will be available for members who have a pacemaker.

Regular meetings are held at the Laurel Manor Recreation Center in the Lincoln Room from 6:30 to 8:30 PM on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from September to April and are conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order at times when appropriate and in which they are not inconsistent with the adopted By-Laws. In the absence of the President, the meeting will be presided over by the Treasurer and/ or Secretary or by a member appointed by the President.

The structure of the Club shall be composed of the Executive Board, comprised of the 5 Leadership positions of President, Vice-President, IT Membership Coordinator, Secretary and Treasurer. The President may recruit volunteers from the membership to participate in Club planning meetings.
The Executive Board meets at least 2 times a year to plan Club events and in special session whenever called by the President.
The Executive Board is the administrative and controlling body of the Club when the Club is not in session.
The Board has the power to administer and control the affairs of the Club.
All Club officers shall be elected for a one (1) year term and may be re-elected to one (1) additional term, not to exceed more than two (2) consecutive terms in office and shall serve until his/her successor shall be elected.

The Leadership positions of the Club shall be elected or affirmed by the members of the Club.
A thirty (30) day notice to the membership of an election is required.
The club shall hold elections or affirmations during the month of April every year.
A Nominating Committee will be appointed in January of the Election year. This committee will present a slate of nominees for Club Officers to the general membership at the April meeting every year.
Nominations can also be made from the floor at that time.
Vacancies on the Board shall be filled by Presidential nomination. A vacancy in any office, not otherwise provided for, shall be filled for the unexpired portion of the term by the Executive Board at any regular or special meeting, subject to approval or disapproval by the members.
In the event there is only one (1) candidate for a position, the candidate shall be elected by acclamation.
All elected or affirmed individuals assume office on September 1st, following the election.

The President is the highest ranking officer of the Club and as such:
  1. Sets the agenda for all Club meetings,
  2. Presides at monthly Club meetings and ensures that the Rules of Order are observed,
  3. Sets Club goals and determines, in collaboration with the other duly elected Club Officers, any needed standing committees,
  4. Appoints Ad Hoc Club committees to address identified needs for the Club, for example the Sunshine Committee, the refreshment Committee, the Entertainment Committee,
  5. Develops in conjunction with the Leadership Team, a roster of events for each meeting of a Club year that provides a variety of entertainment opportunities for the membership and keeps in mind the Club's financial situation,
  6. Ensures, in conjunction with the Club Secretary that the Minutes are kept,
  7. Ensures, in conjunction with the Club Treasurer, that Club financial information reports are completed and available to the membership,
  8. Oversees, in conjunction with the Leadership Team, all Club activities,
  9. Provides Club information to media outlets when appropriate.

  1. Coordinates, with the Recreation center Staff, according to the Villages Recreation Department Permit, the set-up of the assigned room one week prior to each scheduled Club Meeting,
  2. Provides to the membership at the beginning of each Club year, the roster of events developed by the Leadership Team for each meeting of a Club year,
  3. Communicates to the membership, all Club information, including Club goals and activities, (by using for example, e-mails, the Club website, telephone calls, meetings, Newsletters etc.),
  4. Solicits membership input for Club activities,
  5. Provides updated information to the Website Coordinator to ensure that the Website is accurate and up-to-date,
  6. Oversees the sign-up of all new members ensuring they are legitimate Village residents and that the applicants have provided names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses and forwards the information to the IT Membership Coordinator,
  7. Ensures that the annual stickers, denoting Club year membership, are available to new and renewing members by the first meeting of the new Club year each September,
  8. Provides to the badge vendor, the first and last name of the applicant and the hometown(s) of the applicant to be displayed on the badge as well as the type of badge to be purchased, i.e. magnetic or pin,
  9. Arranges for the distribution of NEW badges to the applicants at each Club meeting,
  10. Promotes opportunities to show pride in club membership, e.g., updating Club apparel, shirts, hats, Club badges and other such as Club license plates, Club banners, supporting participation in Villages activities such as the Resident parades for various holidays etc..

  1. Maintains the Club Data Base,
  2. Ensures, in conjunction with other members of the Club Leadership Team, for example, the Treasurer, that any additional or pertinent information that would be helpful to understanding the Club's functioning is included in the Club's Data Base,
  3. Maintains the membership Hometown list,
  4. Provides updated membership lists/ Information to Board members on an as needed basis.

The Secretary:
  1. Records the minutes of all Club meetings including the meetings of members, Executive Board meetings and Planning meetings,
  2. Provides a copy of the minutes to the Website Coordinator for publication on the Club website: ,
  3. Provides a copy of the Minutes at each meeting for any member who does not have access to a computer,
  4. Submits, on the 1st Thursday of each month that the Club meets, the meeting notice to be published in the 2nd Thursday Recreation News Publication of THE DAILY SUN,
  5. Performs all duties incident to the office of the Secretary.
The Treasurer is the custodian of the funds of the Club and as such:
  1. Organizes all accounting procedures for the Club, recording all income and disbursements, ensuring the Club bank account is up to date and accurate,
  2. Collects, during each monthly meeting, new member dues, registration renewal dues and guest fees,
  3. Reconciles the amount of money collected with the appropriate count of new members, renewing members and guests,
  4. Deposits, in the designated bank account, no later than five (5) days after each meeting, all funds received,
  5. Issues and signs checks,
  6. Obtains receipts for expenditures of funds,
  7. Collects and disperses funds for group activities,
  8. Prepares a monthly financial report and submits same to the Executive Board to be published on the Club's website,
  1. Performs all duties incident to the office of the Secretary. Responsible for developing the slate of officers to be presented to the membership during the elections each April,
  2. Consists of the past president and three (3) individuals in good standing of the Club,
  3. Prepares and submits, one (1) month prior to the April meeting, a slate of officers for election at the April meeting.
Responsible for providing coffee, and appropriate accompaniments, such as sugar, sweetener, cream, stirrers, napkins, coffee cups, tea bags, cold water cups for the monthly meetings.

When informed of illnesses, accidents, bereavements or achievement of milestone occasions such as 50th Anniversaries, of active club members, takes appropriate approved actions, i.e. sending cards and/or flowers or other gifts, keeping within the monetary limits set by the Board.

Assists in the selling of Club Apparel at the monthly meetings and collects the order forms and monies for merchandise sales.

The Website Coordinator works in conjunction with the Club Vice-President and updates, when appropriate, the Club website ensuring that all information is current on the website.

From time to time additional amendments may become necessary:
  1. Changes shall be submitted in writing to the President.
  2. Changes shall be discussed and recommendations made at the next Board meeting.
  3. Final changes, approved by the Executive Board, will be presented for approval at the next General Membership Club meeting.
Upon termination of the Massachusetts Baystaters Club of the Villages, disbursement of any funds left in the Club Treasury will be donated to charities agreed upon by the Executive Board.

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