Welcome to the Massachusetts Baystaters Club of the Villages!

Our mission is to provide and foster social opportunities among former and current Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida

We welcome to our Club, any former or current Massachusetts resident living in The Villages.

New New Club members are required to complete a Club application and have a valid Villages ID card. New members pay a total of $17.00 per person at the time of their application which includes the Club Dues of $10.00 per person, per year and the onetime cost for the Club Badges of $7.00 per person. Dues and Badge payment are due with the application and dues must renewed before Dec. 31 each year.

Renewing Club members must show their current Club badges, pay the $10.00 per person per year dues and inform us of any changes to their information; a Renewal sticker indicating membership for the current Club Year will then be issued to be displayed on the Club Badge

Guests are always welcome; admission is $5.00 PP except at ticketed events.

Club badges MUST be worn at all meetings.

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