To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

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Meetings and Activities this Fall...
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May 21st Meeting
The May meeting should be an interesting one as we will have a speaker from Metro Crime Prevention of Florida who will speak on, among other topics, ways that people can learn to be proactive against crime and the simple precautions that can be taken to enhance personal safety. After what promises to be an informative presentation, you will enjoy an "ice cream social" with the scrumptious frozen custard of Ollie's! You will enjoy the May meeting, I'm sure! (If you wish to bring snackies to share at your table, you are welcome to do so). As always, BYOB (coffee and tea will be available). Please wear your Club badges and plan on buying those 50/50 tickets!
In an effort to ensure the evening goes as smoothly as possible, no NEW registrations or RENEWALS will be taken at the May Meeting. We hope that if anyone does come in new, you will greet them and make them feel welcome so that they can feel excited about joining up during the next Club year starting in September, 2014!

The Club meets on the third Wednesday of the month (September through May). Dues for 2013/2014 remain at $5.00. Please wear your Club badges to all meetings.
Please bring a canned or packaged non-perishable food donation for the Food Bank.

Our President's Corner
Dear Baystaters....
Our last meeting of the 2013-2014 Club Year will be held on May 21st, 2014…Wow! Did this Club year go by fast?????!!!!!! I am so sorry that I will not be there to greet you as my husband and I will be leaving on May 8th for our annual "vacation" in Aruba!!!! I will be thinking of you though!
I am so grateful to Marie and Bill Dennehy for their graciousness in volunteering to "cover for me" at this meeting. Thanks also to Club members Vinnie and Mary-Ann D'Antonio who will be taking care of the coffee set-up for this meeting.
Membership Application/Renewal:
The Club is open to Villagers who have ever called the Bay State "home". For information, call Joan Puleo at 352-259-8007. If you wish to join the Club for the 1st time, you can find the Membership Application form on this website. Complete the form and bring it with your dues of $5.00 per person to a Club meeting.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at jkptrixie at comcast dot net or by phone at 352-259-8007.

Baystaters Club Bocce Information
See you all in the Fall!!

Club Meetings meet from September to APRIL??
The May meetings are historically sparse in attendance due to the high number of our membership being seasonal. At the April meeting, I posed the question about considering changing the Club By-laws to reflect a Club Year of 8 months instead of 9. For those of you not present at that meeting - What are your thoughts????

Club Membership has increased dramatically over the past few years and we THANK YOU for your support of our efforts and for helping to "spread the word" about the Club. Will you continue to do so by encouraging your Massachusetts friends who are not now members to join and be a part of our Club events?

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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