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To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

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December 21st, 2016 Party
Greetings Everyone!!
DATE: Wednesday Dec. 21, 2016 6:00-9:00 PM
LOCATION: Laurel Manor
Dinner Catered by Gourmet Today Entertainment by OLDIES BUT GOODIES
50/50, BYOB, Village ID, HOLIDAY ATTIRE please.
Ticket update: Many people asked if they could bring a guest to the Holiday Party. We can definitely say, YES. At this time you may bring a guest! But, please remember that you will have to mail a check to me, (Betsey Triligilio), so that I receive it BEFORE December 1, 2016 --or-- you can drop your check off at my home on 1635 Orr Terrace (there is a basket on my lanai)! Ticket price $32.00 pp. PAYABLE TO MA. BAYSTATERS.

NOTE: There will be no "Club business" on this night so anyone who still needs to renew their dues should do so by mail to me before that date.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from all of us!

We will continue to "give back to our community" by donating to our favorite group, the Girl Scouts, who collect P.J.'s for kids less fortunate than us and books for them to read. Please remember kids come in all sizes! We also will continue to collect canned goods for our local food pantries. Every donation is so needed especially around the holidays.

Sincere thanks to Club member Deb Fitzgerald who has assumed responsibility for the Club Shirts! All Club shirt orders will now go through Deb. When you order a Club shirt at the Meeting, Deb will place the order, and have the shirt available for you at the NEXT Club meeting. Please note that ALL shirt orders must be accompanied by payment. (Checks for shirt orders should be made payable to Custom Apparel & Gifts.)Please visit our website page to see photos of the shirt styles, the Club hats and license plates as well as pricing and ordering information for all of the merchandise. If you have any questions about the shirts, please feel free to contact Deb at debfitzgerald00 at yahoo dot com

Our Vice President's Corner
Renewals may be paid for outside the Lincoln room at our monthly meeting. BUT, If you already mailed in your dues you DO NOT need to stand in the Renewal Line. Just come inside and find me (V.P. Betsey Trigilio) --I'll have your stickers! A quick note about our upcoming Dec. Christmas meeting: In keeping with the party feel at our December Christmas Holiday Party, WE WILL NOT BE TAKING ANNUAL DUES RENWALS at that December meeting. You may still mail your renewals to Betsey Trigilio at 1635 Orr Terrace, The Villages Fl, 32162

As a reminder if you have not yet arrived in Florida you may mail your renewal fee of $5.00 pp to Betsey Trigilio, 1635 Orr Terrace, The Villages, Fl 32162! If you include a SASE I will mail you your stickers OR will have them at the first meeting you attend.

Membership renewal closes on January 31, 2017. At that time we will look at our wait list to see if we can open it for new members.

Members are reminded to return the survey for the Tree Lighting Outing to Bob Conway: bobcharlotte.conway3 at gmail dot com ASAP so that he can make the necessary dining reservations.

BADGES Badges previously ordered may be picked up outside the Lincoln Room and for those who have not ordered one you may do so there, please make the check out to Bob Martin for $6.00 pp. We look forward to another fun night with you all! Betsey Trigilio, VP, 508-527-6046

Bob Conway as President
Betsey Trigilio as Vice President
Bob Campbell as IT Coordinator,
Fran Sabbagg as Secretary, and
Bob Stone as Treasurer.

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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