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To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

Ballet in BostonSaugus MA (Thanks Charlie!)

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More SnowNot Again!!

It's the season for YUMMY creations & beverages!
Check our Recipes page.

2017 / 2018 Season Schedule
View the 2017 and 2018 season schedule of meetings and entertainment on our New Activities & Meetings page

April 18th Meeting
This season has flown by, we hope you enjoyed the meetings, banquets and entertainment! This month's entertainment will be R U SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER, provided by Bob Lapadot, so study up on your Harry Potter trivia.
As per rec. department rules you must be scanned in so have your Village ID and name badge with you. DOORS OPEN AT 6 PM.
As always,BYOB. Coffee, tea and water will be available. Don't forget a small plate of snacks to share with everyone at your table.
We are introducing the final group of new members who have been on the waitlist for some time, so if you see someone with a NAME BADGE THAT HAS A "19" PLEASE STOP AND SAY HELLO!

CLUB APPAREL will be available to order in the back of the room and 50/50 and club apparel raffle tickets will be available as you enter the hall to the left.

BADGES & New Members
Badges previously ordered may be picked up outside the Lincoln Room and for those who have not ordered one you may do so there, please make the check out to Bob Martin for $6.00 pp. We look forward to another fun night with you all! Betsey Trigilio, VP, 508-527-6046

Our commitment to keep supplying our area food pantry's has reach an all-time high. Some items that they specifically need are: canned tuna, chicken, beans, spaghetti sauce, vegetables, fruit, and soups. They also need kids snack items so that they have a healthy lunch such as, granola bars, cereal bars, fruit snacks, fruit cups, and cheese crackers. ANY DONATIONS are greatly appreciated. See a recent thank you on our web site.
It will be a LONG summer with fewer collections so please bring what you can. Suggestion: If you are closing your house for the season, remember they will accept anything that is not open. Please leave your donations as you enter the Lincoln Room in the right hand corner of the hall. THANKS!
We received a wonderful Thank You Card from Our Mother of Mercy Food Pantry signed by the volunteers can be viewed here.

Our Vice President's Corner
WE ARE CHANGING THE RENEWAL DEADLINE TO Dec. 31, 2018 and are raising the dues from $5.00 per year to $10.00. These changes were necessary to avoid confusion during "banquet events" and due to the increased cost of entertainment. We have already booked some of your favorite entertainers for next season and need to secure deposits.
Registration will start again in August 2018.

Sincere thanks to Club member Deb Fitzgerald who has assumed responsibility for the Club Shirts! All Club shirt orders will now go through Deb. When you order a Club shirt at the Meeting, Deb will place the order, and have the shirt available for you at the NEXT Club meeting. Please note that ALL shirt orders must be accompanied by payment. (Checks for shirt orders should be made payable to Custom Apparel & Gifts.) Please visit our website page to see photos of the shirt styles, the Club hats and license plates as well as pricing and ordering information for all of the merchandise. If you have any questions about the shirts, please feel free to contact Deb at newvillagesbaystatclub att outlook dot com

A VERY SINCERE thank you to all of our volunteers! Month after month my cup overflowed with people that just "showed up" and said where can I help! THANK YOU ALL!
Betsey Trigilio, VP

For the 2017 - 2018 season, we are playing at El Santiago Bocce Courts, beginning on the first Friday in October (October 6th) through mid-April. We are looking for NEW PLAYERS !! Contact Bob Goodrich at 352-255-1730.

Bob Conway as President
Betsey Trigilio as Vice President
Bob Campbell as IT Coordinator,
Fran Sabbagg as Secretary, and
Bob Stone as Treasurer.

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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