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To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

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September 21, 2016 Meeting
Welcome back!!
Wow was that a hot summer! Hope everyone had a safe and healthy one! We have worked very hard to listen to members about entertainment suggestions and think we have planned an exciting 2016-2017 season! Our first meeting of this year will be September 21, 2016 at 6:30 PM at Laurel Manor. Following a short opening by our new President Bob Conway we will be entertained by Frank Dudinski and his trivia program of Name That Movie!
As always, BYOB and please bring snackies to share at your tableā€¦ Coffee, tea and water will be available.
Also, as always, we will continue our tradition of bringing a canned good to donate to our local food pantries.

Sincere thanks to Club member Deb Fitzgerald who has assumed responsibility for the Club Shirts! All Club shirt orders will now go through Deb. When you order a Club shirt at the Meeting, Deb will place the order, and have the shirt available for you at the NEXT Club meeting. Please note that ALL shirt orders must be accompanied by payment. (Checks for shirt orders should be made payable to Custom Apparel & Gifts.)Please visit our website page to see photos of the shirt styles, the Club hats and license plates as well as pricing and ordering information for all of the merchandise. If you have any questions about the shirts, please feel free to contact Deb at debfitzgerald00 at yahoo dot com

We are currently in the Club Year of 2016-2017. If you wish to renew your membership but will not be here until the November meeting or later, you are welcome to send your $5.00 Renewal Dues to Betsey Trigilio 1635 Orr Terrace, The Villages FL 32162, any time prior to January 31st. Please make your checks out to Ma. Baystaters. After January 31st, 2017, a new membership list will be drawn up reflecting the current paid up membership and we will at that time, look at our numbers and determine if we can re-open Club membership. If you do not plan on renewing as a Club member and/or no longer wish to receive our Club communications, please, let me know by sending me an e-mail at btrigilio at yahoo dot comand we will remove you from the membership and distribution list.

Our President's Corner
September 21 Check-In
Due to the fact that we have such an enormous number of members that need to 'checked in' and 'pay their dues' at this Sept 21 meeting, we very much need a few more volunteers, to help with the registration process. It only involves checking member's names off on the membership list as members enter the hall. Volunteers are asked to arrive promptly at (5:45pm) to help speed up the check in process so our meeting can begin on time at 6:30PM. We'd be grateful for your help. If you can help us please contact Betsey Trigilio by phone at: 1-508-527-6046 or though her e-mail at: btrigilio at yahoo dot com Thanks!

In addition, we will need 4 people to assist in setting up the hall, 2 people who will run the 50/50 and 2 greeters! Membership dues will remain at $5.00 PP.
If you are able to assist by volunteering at the September meeting, please let Betsey know by calling her at 508-527-6046 or by e-mail at btrigilio at yahoo dot com
Please note that we will be introducing a new e-mail address for VP Betsey this fall. But for the present time you may reach her through her account given above.
Thanks so very much.

Bob Conway as President
Betsey Trigilio as Vice President
Bob Campbell as IT Coordinator,
Fran Sabbagg as Secretary, and
Bob Stone as Treasurer.

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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