To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

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2014-2015 Club Year
Our Club year is now "History" and a great year it was! Besides some very memorable entertainment over the course of the year, we:
The 2015-2016 Club Survey Results:
The annual survey responses (Under"Photos & Documents") are helpful to us as we plan activities and trips for you during the Club Year. Everything we have planned or instituted for the Club over the past few years has come from suggestions you have provided for us from these annual surveys. We do pay attention to your suggestions.

Summer "Day Trips" Over the course of the summer we are planning to do a couple of bus "Day Trips". Information on those trips will be sent via e-mail to all current Club members as the information is finalized and will of course be posted on the web-site.
Our President's Corner
Dear Baystaters;
"Safe travels" and "Happy summer" to all! If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about or for the Club, please feel free to contact Joan Puleo by phone at 352-259-8007, or by e-mail at jkptrixie at comcast dot net. "See you in September!"

Volunteers in the following areas of Club Activity for the 2015-2016 Club Year are be needed:
Club Registration / Renewals / Badge Orders /Pick-up
Planning day trips or other events outside of Club meetings, Entertainment Committee, Taking Club shirt / hat / license plate orders, and the 50/50 Table
(Please note: Those interested in planning Club entertainment and/or day trips and/or events outside of club meetings may be asked to participate in a meeting over the course of the summer.) Please contact Joan Puleo if you are interested in volunteering in any of these areas. THANK YOU!

A huge THANK YOU is in order to the members who over the course of this past year, volunteered their time and effort in a variety of ways, whether greeting new members, assisting with new registrations, renewals, badge orders and pick-ups, room set-up and decorations, coffee/tea set-up, keeping the web-site updated, chairing events such as the night golf event, the Bocce League or manned the 50/50 table. In whatever way, these volunteers have helped your Club to function well and thrive! Kudos to all!
The Club is now on "Summer Hiatus". We will be preparing to start on September 16th, 2015, the NEW Club year of 2015-2016! Be sure to watch the website for updates to the club schedule. Our Club meetings are always held on the 3rd Wednesday of the month from September to April from 6:30 to 8:30 PM in the Lincoln Room of the Laurel Manor Recreation Center.

Membership Application/Renewal:
The Club is open to Villagers who have ever called the Bay State "home". For information, call Joan Puleo at 352-259-8007. If you wish to join the Club for the 1st time, you can find the Membership Application form on this website.
RENEWING members are welcome to renew their membership starting September 16th, 2015. Because of our Membership numbers and space limitations, please be aware that we are considering putting a "HOLD" on new memberships effective in October, 2015. Any information related to this will be shared with you as the decision process unfolds.

Club Membership has increased dramatically over the past few years and we THANK YOU for your support of our efforts and for helping to "spread the word" about the Club. Will you continue to do so by encouraging your Massachusetts friends who are not now members to join and be a part of our Club events?

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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