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To provide and foster social opportunities among former and current
Massachusetts residents residing in The Villages, Florida.

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2016-2017 Club Year
I think we - as a Club - owe Joan a tremendous THANK YOU for the energy and enthusiasm she brought to The Villages Baystaters Club. Thanks Joan!!
-Will Collier
PS: Joan, when you become a 'regular member', we hope you will strive to be less timid..GRIN!
"See You in September.."

Sincere thanks to Club member Deb Fitzgerald who has assumed responsibility for the Club Shirts! All Club shirt orders will now go through Deb. When you order a Club shirt at the Meeting, Deb will place the order, and have the shirt available for you at the NEXT Club meeting. Please note that ALL shirt orders must be accompanied by payment. (Checks for shirt orders should be made payable to Custom Apparel & Gifts.)Please visit our website page to see photos of the shirt styles, the Club hats and license plates as well as pricing and ordering information for all of the merchandise. If you have any questions about the shirts, please feel free to contact Deb at debfitzgerald00 at yahoo dot com

There are photos on the website for you to enjoy from the Parade and March meeting. It was a great time! Thank you to the Club members who participated!

The date for Club Dues renewal for the 2015-2016 Club year has now passed. THANK YOU to all of you who renewed your Club membership for the 2015-2016 Club year! Your membership is good until September 2016 and then the renewal process for the 2016-2017 Club year will start again!

If you ordered badges and have not as yet picked them up they will be available for pick-up on the night of the 20th. Please wear your Club badges at all meetings.

A new membership list and e-mail distribution reflecting the current roster of renewed members is being developed. (I apologize to those of you who did not renew if you get this note as I am still working on updating the current distribution list. You should not receive any more notifications after this. Thank you for your understanding.) When that process is complete, a determination will be made as to whether we can re-open membership.

If you do not plan on renewing as a Club member and/or no longer wish to receive our Club communications, please, let me know by sending me an e-mail at jkptrixie at comcast dot net and I will remove you from the membership and distribution list. Thank you!

Our President's Corner
Dear Baystaters,
Since 2009 I have had the joy of being actively involved in the leadership of the Massachusetts Baystaters Club and now the time has come for me to step down from the responsibilities with which you have entrusted me for the last several years.
I continue to be overwhelmed by the memory of your send-off on April 20, 2016 when I presided over the last meeting of the Club Year of 2015-2016!
I am so grateful for your kind words, warm well wishes, monetary gift, gift cards, plaque and flowers with which you presented me at the April 20th meeting! I could never say "Thank you" enough!!!!
I could never say THANK YOU enough also to all the members who have come forward over the years to help in the many areas necessary to help the Club function smoothly, whether helping at the member renewals and new member registration tables, distributing badges, setting up and/or cleaning up the room for various events, greeting the membership and helping them feel welcome, helping to sell 50/50 tickets, taking care of the coffee/tea set-up, sending cards to members through the "Sunshine" Committee, taking care of ordering club apparel, taking care of our website and so much more. You all helped make the Club meetings and/or events run smoothly and I am eternally grateful for all your efforts!

Join me in saying Thank You to the members who stepped forward to serve in leadership and were affirmed at the April Meeting, thus ensuring that the Club will continue:
Bob Conway as President
Betsey Trigilio as Vice President
Bob Campbell as IT Coordinator,
Fran Sabbagg as Secretary, and
Bob Stone as Treasurer.

They will now work to offer you fun, enjoyable activities in the new Club Year of 2016-2017 to begin on Wednesday, September 21, 2016!
The Club's By-Laws have been revised to reflect the addition of 2 new roles in leadership. The DRAFT of the changes (highlighted in red to make it easier for you to review) is also attached to this note. You are asked to please review the DRAFT. The revised By-Laws will be presented for formal acceptance at the September 21st Meeting.

My husband Jack and I look forward to joining you in future Club activities as "just Club members"!!!!!!
Hugging each of you in my heart, and wishing you peace. Till the fall, enjoy a safe, happy summer filled with blessings and joys!

Peace, Joan

The Massachusettes Baystaters Club website is constantly being revised. Please visit us again soon!!
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